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Pet Marketing Podcast Episode 5: Get Your Pet Business in the Press

In this episode, I talk with Rachel Spencer, the PR genius behind Publicity for Pet Businesses, about how to get your pet business in the media.

As a pet business owner, it can often seem daunting trying to figure out where to best spend your time to get the word out about what you’re up to. Rachel is an expert at figuring out not only where you want to be featured, but also how to reach out to them and what to say to get them interested in your story. 

Rachel shares with us some valuable info on why pet businesses want to be in the press and which types of media you may want to go after. She also tells us the key things every pet business owner should know and the most common mistakes you can avoid when pitching yourself to the press.

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Episode Overview

  • Why should pet businesses want to be in the press?
  • Is press coverage still relevant in a world of blogs and social media?
  • Which types of press are the most valuable to be in?
  • What should every pet business owner know about getting in the press?
  • What are the biggest mistakes pet business owners make when trying to get press coverage?

Where to Find Rachel:


Rachel’s Free Resources

If you like what you hear in this episode, I encourage you to check out Rachel’s website for more great resources.

Rachel’s Facebook Group

Join me and thousands of other pet industry professionals in Rachel’s free Facebook group, the Publicity for Pet Businesses Community with Rachel Spencer.

Help A Reporter Out

In this episode we discussed HARO, a wonderful resource where journalists ask for help from people who may have interesting stories to tell.

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